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Table 1 The list of interviewees and their scope

From: Policy analysis of socio-cultural determinants of salt, sugar and fat consumption in Iran

Scope of Interviewees Number
Department of Community Nutrition in Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) 2
NCDs Management Office- The MOHME 1
National Committee for Prevention and Control of NCDs 2
Schools of Nutrition affiliated with Universities of Medical Sciences 2
Deputy for Health- The MOHME 1
Health Education and Promotion Office
The Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences 1
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 3
Supreme Council of Health and Food Security 2
Primary Healthcare Network Office- The MOHME 1
Ministry of Agriculture 1
Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade 1
Ministry of Education 1
Deputy of Health at the Universities of Medical Sciences 2
Municipalities 2
Standard Organization of Iran 1
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance 1
Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) 1
Deputy of Curative Affairs- The MOHME 1
WHO Country Representative in Iran 1
Planning and Budget Organization 1
Non-Communicable Diseases Research Center 1