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Table 2 Key questions for semi-structured interviews guideline

From: Exploration of the definition and components of food and nutrition literacy among junior secondary school students: a qualitative study

List of questions
1. What is the definition of health literacy?
2. What are the definitions of food literacy and nutrition literacy? Are there any differences between these two terms?
3. What are the benefits of those with health regarding food and nutrition?
4. When should we begin to raise awareness among the public regarding health literacy on food and nutrition?
5. What do food knowledge and nutrition knowledge mean, and how do we assess them (food and nutrition knowledge)?
6. What do food skill and nutrition skill mean, and how do we assess them (food and nutrition skills)?
7. What components should be included in the health literacy on food and nutrition among junior secondary school students?
8. Any issues that are missed or issues that you would like to raise regarding food and nutrition literacy?