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Table 3 The association between mMED diet score and insomnia score

From: A greater modified Mediterranean diet score is associated with lower insomnia score among adolescent girls: a cross-sectional study

  Beta P-value 95% Confidence Interval for Beta
Lower Bound Upper Bound
Crude -0.091 0.013 -0.392 -0.046
Model I -0.098 0.015 -0.423 -0.045
Model II -0.092 0.024 -0.410 -0.029
Model III -0.082 0.044 -0.385 -0.006
  1. Model I, Adjusted for energy intake; Model II, Additionally adjusted for mensturation status, physical activity, father’s education, and mother’s education; Model III, Additionally adjusted for age, BMI percentile, and abdominal obesity
  2. mMED Modified Mediterranean diet, BMI body mass index