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Table 1 Food group classifications among infants and toddlers 6–35 months from the MING study

From: Food sources of energy and nutrients in the diets of infants and toddlers in urban areas of China, based on one 24-hour dietary recall

Milk and milk products Other grains/grain productse Peaches/nectarines/plums
Breast milk Flour/baking ingredientsf Pears
Infant formula Vegetables Grapes
Growing-up milka Broccoli Melons
Milkb Chinese cabbages Dried fruits
Soy milk Coles Other fruitsi
Cheese Celeries 100 % juice
Yogurt Carrots Baby food fruits
Meat/poultry/fish/meat alternates Corn Desserts and sweets
Beef Green beans Cakes/pies
Lamb Eggplants Cookies
Sausages Peas Ice cream
Pork Potatoes Honey
Organ meats Pumpkins Chocolates
Chicken/duck Spinach Candy
Fish/shellfish/shrimps Sweet potatoes/yams Sugar/syrups/jams/jellies/other sweeteners
Eggsc Tomatoes/tomato sauce Other desserts
Other meatd Pickles Sweetened beverages
Soy/tofu/meat substitutes Other root vegetablesg Other
Nuts/seeds Other leafy vegetablesh Salad dressings/mayonnaise
Baby food meat Other baby food vegetables Oil/other fatsj
Grains and grain products Fruits Condimentsk
Infant cereal Apples/applesauce Chips/puffed food/other salty snacks
Bread/biscuits Apricots Saltsl
Pancakes/sesame seed cakes Kiwi fruits Soups
Noodles Dragon fruits Other beveragesm
Rice Mangoes Supplements
Millets Jujube Vitamin and mineral supplements
Steamed bread Bananas Other supplements
Cornmeal Berries  
Other baby food grains Citrus fruits  
  1. aFortified milk for young children
  2. bIncludes cow’s milk and goat’s milk
  3. cIncludes eggs reported separately and eggs included in disaggregated food mixtures
  4. dIncludes donkey, horse, dog, rabbit and turkey meat
  5. eIncludes buckwheat, barley, glutinous rice, highland barley and sorghum
  6. fIncludes flour, corn-starch, yeast and baking powder included in disaggregated food mixtures
  7. gIncludes white radish, asparagus, water chestnut, lotus root, onion, winter squash and bean sprout, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms and balsam pear
  8. hIncludes Chinese leeks, baby cabbage, lettuce, coriander, fennel, heartleaf houttuymia herb, fiddlehead, crown daisy and Shepherd’s purse
  9. iIncludes pineapple, cherries, papaya, hawthorn, persimmon, pomegranate, coconut and mangosteen
  10. jIncludes olive oil, soybean oil, canola oil, lard oil, butter and fats included in disaggregated food mixtures
  11. kIncludes shallot, garlic, ginger, Chinese red pepper, peppermint, vinegar, soy sauce and other condiment sauces
  12. lIncludes cooking salts and salts included in disaggregated food mixtures
  13. mIncludes unsweetened tea and coffee and alcoholic beverages