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  1. Maternal undernutrition during pregnancy is currently estimated at 23.5% in Africa, which is worrying given the negative impacts of malnutrition on maternal and fetal birth outcomes. The current study aimed at...

    Authors: Margaret Kiiza Kabahenda and Barbara J. Stoecker
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:77
  2. The present study was designed to investigate the influence of different dietary lipids (sheep’s fat, olive oil, coconut oil, and corn oil) on specific biomarkers associated with metabolic syndrome in both hea...

    Authors: Weaam I. Abudigin, Adnan Bajaber and Pandurangan Subash-Babu
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:75
  3. The outbreak of cardiovascular disease (CVD) augments with age. Gut dysbiosis can worsen or initiate systemic disorders such as metabolic diseases and CVDs. Therefore, this research aimed to assess the effect ...

    Authors: Mehran Noori, Zainab Shateri, Siavash Babajafari, Mohammad Hadi Eskandari, Karim Parastouei, Mohammad Ghasemi, Hoseein Afshari and Mohammad Samadi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:74
  4. Cardiovascular events and poor quality of life are frequently observed in patients with coronary slow flow phenomenon (CSFP). This trial evaluated the effect of nano-curcumin supplement containing curcuminoids...

    Authors: Mahsa Rezaei, Mitra Soltani, Elham Alipoor, Seyed Mahdi Rezayat, Ali Vasheghani-Farahani, Mehdi Yaseri, Ata Firouzi and Mohammad Javad Hosseinzadeh-Attar
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:73
  5. Malnutrition remains a global problem and is increasing with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Madagascar, half of the children under five years of age suffer from stunting. However, since 2006, vitam...

    Authors: Marilys Victoire Razakamanana, Miora Rakotonirainy and Tiarinisaina Olivier Ramiandrisoa
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:72
  6. Malnutrition is a significant concern reported in adult critically ill patients, yet there is no gold standard to assess nutritional status in this population. This study examines the association between nutri...

    Authors: Omid Moradi Moghaddam, Masoumeh Hosseinzadeh Emam, Pardis Irandoost, Mahdi Hejazi, Zeinab Iraji, Leila Yazdanpanah, Seyedeh Farnaz Mirhosseini, Abolfazl Mollajan and Mohammad Niakan Lahiji
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:69
  7. Dietary habits have a strong association with body lipid levels and hyperlipidemia increases the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Dietary habits have been a major concern among medical students d...

    Authors: Nazish Haider, Uzair Abbas, Hibba Erum Arif, Arsalan Ahmed Uqaili, Mohiba Ali Khowaja, Niaz Hussain and Mahtab Khan
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:71
  8. People with substance use disorders often have unhealthy diets, high in sweets and processed foods but low in nutritious items like fruits and vegetables, increasing noncommunicable disease risks. This study i...

    Authors: Einar Furulund, Karl Trygve Druckrey-Fiskaaen, Siv-Elin Leirvåg Carlsen, Tesfaye Madebo, Lars T. Fadnes and Torgeir Gilje Lid
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:70
  9. Child marriage remains an important problem around the world with young mothers and their under-five children often experiencing under-nutrition. The problem is rarely studied in the Bangladeshi population. Th...

    Authors: Shanta Akter Mim, Abu Sayed Md. Al Mamun, Md. Abu Sayem, Md. Abdul Wadood and Md. Golam Hossain
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:67
  10. Milk is a nutritious food that plays a great role in the diets of a society largely dependent on livestock production. On the other hand, contaminants can enter milk naturally or intentionally, causing a negat...

    Authors: Kebede Amenu, Abagena Shibiru, Adem Kumbe, Silvenus Ochieng Konyole, Megarsa Bedasa Jaleta and Waktole Tiki
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:66
  11. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Norway, with prostate, breast, lung, and colon cancers being the most prevalent types. Adopting a healthy and varied diet can help reduce cancer risk and recurrence. How...

    Authors: Agnete E. Kristoffersen, Trine Stub, Jorunn V. Nilsen, Johanna Hök Nordberg, Ann Ragnhild Broderstad, Barbara Wider and Mona Bjelland
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:65
  12. Undernutrition refers to an overall deficiency of nutrients due to an inadequate intake of a well-balanced diet. Undernourishment during pregnancy is an important contributor to maternal morbidity and mortalit...

    Authors: Zerihun Figa, Tesfaye Temesgen, Abbas Ahmed Mahamed and Etaferahu Bekele
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:64
  13. Many countries use national nutrition surveys (NNSs) to assess their population’s health and nutrition needs. However, NNS aims, approaches, tools, and measurements vary among countries. To date, there has bee...

    Authors: Areej A. Alkhaldy, Abeer M. Aljaadi, Abbe M. Mhd. Jalil, Doaa A. Alyoubi, Haneen H. Saleemani, Ruba H. Eid, Najlaa H. Almohmadi, Hala H. Al-Otaibi and Sarah M. Ajabnoor
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:63
  14. Poor quality of complementary foods is a key contributor to undernutrition even with optimal breastfeeding. Minimum Acceptable Diet (MAD) has tremendous health and nutrition benefits but only 12% of Ethiopian ...

    Authors: Welelaw Mengistu, Dereje Birhanu and Omer Seid
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:62
  15. Malnutrition in children with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) is a significant global public health issue. Nutritional assessment combined with management or advice are essential to produce optimal outcomes.

    Authors: Rabeya Khatun, Md. Kaoser Bin Siddique, Mst. Reshma Khatun, Maskura Benzir, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Sohel Ahmed and Olav Muurlink
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:61
  16. Complex humanitarian emergencies are a main driver of food and nutritional insecurity. Agricultural interventions are key to improving nutrition and food security, and their positive impacts are well-documente...

    Authors: Melodie Al Daccache, Berthe Abi Zeid, Leila Hojeij, Ghassan Baliki, Tilman Brück and Hala Ghattas
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:60
  17. To explore the impact of the Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular risk factors, glycemic control and weight loss in patients with type 2 diabetes(T2D) by a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs)....

    Authors: Xing Zheng, Wenwen Zhang, Xiaojuan Wan, Xiaoyan Lv, Peng Lin, Shucheng Si, Fuzhong Xue, Aijun Wang and Yingjuan Cao
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:59
  18. Intake of a diversified diet is key to the prevention of malnutrition among children as it results in improved intake of energy and micronutrients, which are deemed critical for better nutritional status of ch...

    Authors: Ambrose Atosona, Jawahir Abukari Mohammed, Huzaifa Issahaku, Khadija Saani, Hammond Yaw Addae and Fusta Azupogo
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:57
  19. Oxidative stress after ischemic stroke contribute to neuronal cell injury. Unhealthy and unbalanced dietary patterns can increase the risk of several diseases, including stroke and cardiometabolic ones. Howeve...

    Authors: Adrina Habibzadeh, Mehran Rahimlou, Mahdi Ravankhah, Farhad Vahid and Reza Tabrizi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:56
  20. Despite documentation on injection drug use (IDU) in Kenya, the nutritional status of people who inject drugs (PWIDs) is under-explored. Elsewhere studies report under-nutrition among PWIDs which is attributed...

    Authors: Valentine Budambula, Moses Ngari, Nancy L.M. Budambula, Aabid A. Ahmed and Tom Were
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:55
  21. Baby-friendly workplace is an effective evidence based initiative developed by the World Health Organization to protect and support maternal knowledge, beliefs, and confidence in infant and young child feeding...

    Authors: Habtamu Hasen, Samuel Kusheta, Efrata Abuhay, Hamdela Tumiso, Yenatfanta Leuel, Dinku Daniel, Mesganew Amare, Abraham Samuel and Yitagesu Habtu
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:54
  22. Many developing countries, Namibia included, have a high prevalence of malnutrition among children, especially in rural subsistence farming areas where inadequate food supply is common. Poor diets in children ...

    Authors: Maria Angula, Anthony Ishola, Muvari Tjiurutue, Nozizwe Chigonga, Michael Sulyok, Rudolf Krska, Chibundu N. Ezekiel and Jane Misihairabgwi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:51
  23. Eating behaviour at the childhood level plays a vital role in the outcome of the nutritional status and the overall health of an individual. The study was focused on the association between anthropometric stat...

    Authors: Ijioma Okorie, Blessing K. Nwofia, Chinaza Ngonadi, Adaeze C. Okorie and Ngozi M. Nnam
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:50
  24. Authors: Aysheshim Kassahun Belew, Tadesse Awoke, Kassahun Alemu Gelaye, Asmamaw Atnafu, Tadesse Guadu, Telake Azale, Mezigebu Yitayal, Yohannes Awoke Assefa, Rediet Getachew, Tadele Amare, Sewbesew Yitayih, Kegnie Shitu, Demeke Demilew, Endalkachew Dellie, Andualem Yalew Aschalew, Biruk Fanta…
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:49

    The original article was published in BMC Nutrition 2023 9:102

  25. Celiac disease (CD) is a systemic and autoimmune enteropathy of the gastrointestinal tract with malabsorption characteristics. The only effective treatment for CD is adhere strictly to a gluten-free diet (GFD)...

    Authors: Mehrnaz Morvaridi, Narges Sadeghi, Pezhman Alavinejad, Mehdi Sadeghian, Negin Tahvilian, Hossein Bavi Behbahani, Sara Ebrahimi and Farnaz Farsi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:48
  26. Despite improvements in food access and nutrition security over the last few decades, malnutrition remains a major public health problem. One of the significant contributors to these problems is affordability ...

    Authors: Semira Abdelmenan, Hanna Y. Berhane, Christopher Turner, Alemayehu Worku, Katarina Selling, Eva-Charlotte Ekström and Yemane Berhane
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:47
  27. Skipping breakfast has become more common, and it can significantly affect a person’s health, performance, mood, and other physiological and psychological factors. In Bangladesh, university students often enco...

    Authors: Md Shafiqul Islam Khan, Trisha Paul, Md. Hasan Al Banna, Mohammad Hamiduzzaman, Cornelius Tengan, Bernard Kissi-Abrokwah, Justice Kanor Tetteh, Faria Hossain, Md. Shajadul Islam and Keith Brazendale
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:46
  28. Prediabetes is increasing worldwide. Previous studies have demonstrated the potential of β-glucan derived from oat or barley to lower blood glucose, body weight, and plasma lipid levels. These findings offer a...

    Authors: Sawika Gitsomboon, Ganista Ratanapornsompong, Boonsong Ongphiphadhanakul, Supranee Thongpradit, Suwannee Chanprasertyothin, La-or Chailurtkit and Hataikarn Nimitphong
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:44
  29. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), notably cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus, are largely driven by metabolic syndrome (MetS), a cluster of critical risk factors. Despite extensive research, t...

    Authors: Nurul Dina Rahmawati, Helen Andriani, Fadila Wirawan, Latifah Farsia, Alexander Waits and Khobir Abdul Karim Taufiqurahman
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:43
  30. The aim of this study was to determine the association between dietary mineral intake and Coronavirus-disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection and its associated hospitalization.

    Authors: Najmeh Seifi, Hossein Bahari, Somayeh Ghiasi Hafezi, Farzaneh Ghotbani, AhmadReza Afzalinia, Gordon A. Ferns, Ehsan Mosa Farkhani and Majid Ghayour-mobarhan
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:42
  31. Tumor cells express immune-checkpoint molecules to suppress anti-tumor immune responses. In part, immune evasion takes place by secreting exosomes bearing immune-checkpoint and immunomodulatory molecules and t...

    Authors: Sepideh Maralbashi, Cynthia Aslan, Houman Kahroba, Milad Asadi, Mohammad Sadegh Soltani-Zangbar, Navideh Haghnavaz, Farhad Jadidi, Farhad Salari and Tohid Kazemi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:41
  32. Food and nutrition notion among schoolchildren in Benin is still less documented. Few studies have examined the determinants of food and nutrition among schoolchildren while others have attempted to link knowl...

    Authors: Faïck Bello, Elie Koukou, Sam Bodjrenou, Céline Termote, Paulin Azokpota and Waliou Amoussa Hounkpatin
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:40
  33. Globally, over a billion women of reproductive age (WRA) suffer from some kind of undernutrition micronutrient deficiencies, and/or anemia as a result of inadequate dietary diversity. This leads to poor matern...

    Authors: Derrick Kimuli, Florence Nakaggwa, Norah Namuwenge, Rebecca N. Nsubuga, Kenneth Kasule, Sheila Nyakwezi, Jimmy Odong, Paul Isabirye, Solome Sevume, Norbert Mubiru, Daniel Mwehire, Fatuma Matovu, Bonnie Wandera, Barbara Amuron and Daraus Bukenya
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:39
  34. Follow-up of COVID-19 recovered patients to discover important adverse effects on other organs is required. The psychological health of COVID-19 patients may be affected after recovery.

    Authors: Asie Araste, Mohammad Reza Shadmand Foumani Moghadam, Kimia Mohammadhasani, Mohammad Vahedi Fard, Zahra Khorasanchi, MohammadReza Latifi, Elahe Hasanzadeh, Nasrin Talkhi, Payam Sharifan, Parisa Asadiyan-Sohan, Marjan Khayati Bidokhti, Arezoo Ghassemi, Reza Assaran Darban, Gordon Ferns and Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:38
  35. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease characterized by a wide range of metabolic problems. The current study sought to assess nutritional habits of Saudi patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and to propose rec...

    Authors: Rudaynah A. Alali, Suad A. Alateeq, Afnan F. Almuhanna, Abdulmohsen H. Al Elq, Waleed I. Albaker, Alawi Habara, Fatima A. Alrubaish, Chittibabu Vatte, Bao-Li Loza, Fahad A. Al-Muhanna and Amein K. Al-Ali
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:37
  36. The school-age period is marked by substantial advancements in physical and cognitive development, highlighting the importance of assessing the diet quality and its impact on body weight and height. The main o...

    Authors: Nooshin Jannati, Mohammad Reza Mahmoodi and Leila Azadbakht
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:36
  37. Nutrition education is being used to encourage school adolescents to adopt healthy eating habits. To the best of our knowledge, very little study has been undertaken in Nepal to examine the effectiveness of nu...

    Authors: Sagar Raut, Dirghayu KC, Devendra Raj Singh, Raja Ram Dhungana, Pranil Man Singh Pradhan and Dev Ram Sunuwar
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:35
  38. Infertility is a major clinical problem with psychological, financial and medical costs. Male infertility has recently been linked to 50% of childless couples. It is worth mentioning that diet and its componen...

    Authors: Elham Hosseini, Mehdi Khodavandloo, Somaye Abdollahi Sabet and Seyedeh Neda Mousavi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:34
  39. To measure dietary and urinary changes in sodium (Na) intake and excretion through the implementation of family gardens with aromatic herbs and workshops for cooking, using the herbs as a substitute for salt a...

    Authors: M. Baston, M. Hernández-F, K. Vázquez, M. Ruiz-Morales, P. Mehner-Karam, M. Sil-Acosta, N. Acevedo, A. Granich-Armenta, K. Holz and A. Cantoral
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:33
  40. The onset of muscle loss in critically ill patients, known as intensive care unit-acquired weakness (ICU-AW), worsens their outcomes. Preventing muscle loss, which begins in the early phase of critical illness...

    Authors: Ryo Abe, Takashi Shimazui, Masayuki Sugo, Akihiro Ogawa, Michito Namekawa, Nobuya Kitamura and Satoshi Kido
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:32
  41. High salt intake and compliance to low-sodium (LS) diets are critical in hypertension. Salt reduction in processed foods can help to achieve the target sodium intake. To verify the hypothesis that an innovativ...

    Authors: Carmela Cosola, Francesco Pesce, Maria De Angelis, Valentina Maranzano, Annapaola Zito, Eustacchio Montemurno, Giuseppe Dalfino, Saverio Loiudice, Vincenzo Creanza, Giovanni Pompa, Marco Matteo Ciccone, Giuseppe Grandaliano, Giovanni Stallone and Loreto Gesualdo
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:31
  42. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is a public health concern worldwide. The clinical manifestations include underweight and oral lesions. The objective of this study was to assess the relationship b...

    Authors: Lionel Berthold Keubou Boukeng, Léonie Dapi Nzefa, Djouwairiyatou Sali, Claude Axel Minkandi, Jean Yves Bevela, Ariane Nouko and Charly Etoa Ebogo
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:30
  43. The growing trend towards conscious and sustainable dietary choices has led to increased adoption of flexitarian diets, characterised by plant-based eating habits with occasional consumption of meat and proces...

    Authors: Anja Bruns, Theresa Greupner, Josefine Nebl and Andreas Hahn
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:29
  44. The anemia prevalence is higher in highlands populations. It is assumed that iron deficiency anemia (IDA) in children is mainly due to low dietary intake. However, other suggest that high prevalence of anemia ...

    Authors: Benita Maritza Choque-Quispe, Cinthya Vásquez-Velásquez and Gustavo F. Gonzales
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2024 10:28

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