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Table 3 Tacit knowledge

From: Caregiver experiences, attitudes and perceptions about feeding toddlers and preschool children in Switzerland: a qualitative study

Emerging theme: Quote
“I just dish” “I can’t explain why I put these quantities on the plate.
“Honestly I don’t know, I have no idea. I dish, I think to myself, a little bit of everything and that’s it…I just dish.”
“It’s guesswork.”
The size of the plate “I would say that we think that he should be able to eat the amount of a small plate.”
“Let’s say that we put children’s portions, to fit their plates.”
Appetite estimation “I know more or less how much he is capable of eating, how much he eats every day on average.”
“Well I know about how much they eat, so I’m going to prepare a portion accordingly…I insist they eat at least what I think they can.”