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Table 5 Managing

From: Caregiver experiences, attitudes and perceptions about feeding toddlers and preschool children in Switzerland: a qualitative study

Emerging theme: Quote
Time to cook “I buy ready-made foods less and less, because I have more and more time to cook.”
“Ideally, I would take time to cook all the meals for them… But I work and I don’t always have time.”
Homemade is better “There are things that are quick and easy to do, and are also good for the health. Why should I use something which has already been prepared, I don’t really know what is in it, because I’m not the one who prepared it.”
Budget “Now, we look at the price first.”
“Yes, it’s expensive. Especially meat, steaks. I never buy that… but I buy it for her only. I can buy 100 grams or 200 grams for her.”