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Table 1 Type of supplementation (preventive and therapeutic) by study groupa

From: Comparison of two forms of daily preventive zinc supplementation versus therapeutic zinc supplementation for diarrhea on young children’s physical growth and risk of infection: study design and rationale for a randomized controlled trial

Type of supplement Study Group
Prev-ZnTab Prev-ZnMNP Ther-ZnTab Control
Preventive supplement Zn-containing tablet Zn-containing MNP Placebo tablet Placebo powder
Therapeutic supplement for diarrhea ORS + Placebo tablet ORS + Placebo tablet ORS + Zn-containing tablet ORS + Placebo tablet
  1. aORS oral rehydration salts, Prev-ZnMNP preventive zinc multiple micronutrient powder, Prev-ZnTab preventive zinc dispersible tablet, Ther-ZnTab therapeutic zinc dispersible tablet