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Table 2 Adherence to the recommendations from the Swedish national food administration [15], regarding the seven food groups, total n = 834 except for group number 4, total n = 813

From: Insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) and body fat (%) are associated to low intake of fruit and vegetables in Swedish, young adults: the cross-sectional lifestyle, biomarkers and atherosclerosis study

Group Food type Follows the recommendation (%)
1 Bread 11.4%
2 Fish and seafood 11.4%
3 Fruit and vegetables 15.5%
4 Fat 30.6%
5 Cheese (20–40%) 37.7%
6 Sweets 40.9%
7 Fast food 89.2%
  1. Clarification: To reach the recommendations the subjects should; eat bread with whole grain three times per day or more, eat fish and seafood two to three times per week or more, and eat fruit and vegetables five times per day or more. Preferably chose unsaturated fat and eat cheese and sausages once a week or less. The group named “sweets” includes candy, buns, soft drinks and French fries. Candy, buns, soft drinks, and French fries should be eaten less than three times a week