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Table 4 Responses for requests for any comments

From: Knowledge about iodine requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding among pregnant women living in Northern Ireland

1 “Don’t know anything about iodine”
2 “Have pregnancy book which possibly provides more info on nutrients but I believe folic acid is promoted more than other nutrients obviously due to it being more vital in early pregnancy I believe”
3 “I did my own research into vitamin D but not know iodine was essential”
4 “I feel a lot of things are assumed and any info about nutrients has been by chance”
5 “I have never had iodine mentioned to me since I fell pregnant and no information”
6 “I have not been made aware of the significance of iodine during pregnancy”
7 “I haven’t read anything about iodine despite reading about diet in pregnancy”
8 “Iodine – not sure what this is”
9 “Iodine never discussed”
10 “Iodine was never explicitly mentioned but I did say I took pregnacare so I would guess that covers it”
11 “More info needed”
12 “Never had iodine mentioned at all”
13 “I thought iodine was bad for the baby’s development I didn’t think of it as something you should take”
14 “I have been told nothing about iodine during this pregnancy. I have gestational diabetes and this was not mentioned as an issue”
15 “Really don’t know much about this sorry”
16 “They ask loads of questions but give no feedback”