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Table 5 Iodine knowledge studies among pregnant women

From: Knowledge about iodine requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding among pregnant women living in Northern Ireland

Location Years No. Cohort Knowledge indexes Scores
Charlton et al [13]
2007–8 139 Pregnant Identify milk as a source of I 26%
Combet et al [12]
    Identify milk as a source of I 9%
2011–2 305 Pregnant Awareness of I guidance 12%
  721 Postpartum Confidence to optimise I 28%
Ref: [14] Bouga et al
    Confidence to optimise I 29%
2015 48 Perinatal Iodine awareness 23%
Gardweidner-Holme et al [15]
     P L
2016 804 Pregnant Identify milk as a source of I 29% 54%
  175 Lactating Iodine knowledge scorea 26% 45%
N Ireland     Identify dairy as source of I 9%
current 183 Pregnant Adequacy of I information 5%
  1. aSelf-reported on a scale (none: poor: low: medium: high); P Pregnant, L Lactating