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Table 2 summary of the number of dietary assessment tools, validation study publications and validation studies from the systematic review of reviews

From: Measuring energy, macro and micronutrient intake in UK children and adolescents: a comparison of validated dietary assessment tools

 Number of dietary assessment tools (DATs)Number of validation study publicationsaNumber of validation studiesb
Total from systematic review of reviews636689
Results for adults49c, d4971
Results for infants, children and adolescents (IC&A)19c, e1922
Total for IC&A validating nutrients141417
Total for IC&A with limits of agreement (LOA) plotted1111f14
  1. aMore than one DAT may have been validated in a published validation study, and some DATs may have more than one validation study publication
  2. bThis takes into account more than one DAT validated in a publication i.e. each DAT validation is counted as a validation study
  3. c5 tools were assessed on both adults and Infants, children or adolescents
  4. d5 tools assessed on adults focused on foods only
  5. e5 tools assessed on IC&A focused on foods only
  6. fdata was extracted from these 11 publications to produce the energy summary plot showing 24 validations by gender and age/lifestage