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Table 3 Demographic characteristics of habitual breakfast eaters categorised by the timing of the first meal of the day

From: Breakfast consumption habits of Australian men participating in the “Typical Aussie Bloke” study

 Early Breakfast Eaters (EBE)a (n = 79)Late Breakfast Eaters (LBE)b (n = 15)P value
% (n)84.0% (79)16.0% [15] 
Age y (mean ± SD)31 ± 726 ± 70.012
cHeight (mean ± SD)179.8 ± 6.3179.8 ± 8.00.99
dWeight (mean ± SD)81.9 ± 13.585.5 ± 20.40.38
eBMI (mean ± SD)25.4 ± 4.126.5 ± 4.80.36
Country of birth
fOther countries13.9%13.3%1.00
ATSI descent
Marital status
 Married or in de facto relationship59.4%*26.7%0.023
Employment status
 Full time paid work60.8%13.3% 
 Part time paid work or casual paid work13.9%40.0% 
 Home duties or Unemployed1.3%13.3%0.001
Annual household gross income (AUS$)
  ≤ $25,000 to 49,99926.6%*60.0%* 
  ≥ $50.000 to 99,99924.1%*6.7%* 
  ≥ 100.000 to 149,99924.1%*6.7%* 
 $150,000 to 200,000 or more21.5%*13.3%*0.043
People living in the household
 Living alone6.3%*13.3% 
lLiving with other people91.1%*86.7%0.32
Dependent children
 One or more35.4%6.7%0.032
Past/present or Future Occupation
 Trades, manual workers, machine operators or drivers8.9%6.7% 
 Professional, paraprofessional, managers or administrator, administrative assistant, sales or personal service worker89.9%93.3% 
 Never had a paid job1.3%0%1.00
  1. *The total number of participants for this variable does not add up to 100% due to responses such as ‘replied prefer not to answer’ or ‘don’t know’ Or don’t know/Varies’ or ‘don’t know or would rather not say’
  2. HBE Habitual Breakfast Eaters who reported to consume breakfast 5 or more times per week
  3. aEBE Early Breakfast Eaters includes Habitual Breakfast Eaters who consumed the first meal of the day early on weekdays (between 5.01 and 8.00 am)
  4. bLBE Late Breakfast includes Habitual Breakfast Eaters who consumed the first meal of the day late on weekdays (between 8.01 am and noon)
  5. NA Not Applicable
  6. cHeight, weight and BMI were measured in the lab session
  7. dOthers country: New Zealand, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, America, Canada, Bangladesh or South Korea or unknown
  8. Single includes: separated, divorced, widowed or never married.
  9. eSchool includes: Intermediate Certificate (or equivalent) or Higher School or Leaving Certificate (or equivalent) or Trade/apprenticeship (eg. Hairdresser, Chef) or Certificate/diploma (eg. Child Care, Technician)
  10. fUniversity includes: University degree or University Higher degree (eg. Grad Dip, Masters, PhD)
  11. gLiving with other people includes living with one, two, three, four or five other people
  12. ATSI Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  13. hStatistics: Indipendt t-test was used to compare age, height, weight and BMI. Chi Square tests and/or Fishers exact tests were used for the following comparison: Country of birth, ATSI descent, Marital status, Education, Employment status, people living in the household, Dependent children, Past,present and future occupation