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Table 1 Profile of nutritional supplements per daily ration

From: Intrahousehold management and use of nutritional supplements during the hunger gap in Maradi region, Niger: a qualitative study

 LNS-MQ Plumpy’Doz®RUSF
Supplementary Plumpy®
Enriched flour
Super Cereal Plus (SC+)
PackagingPot of 325 gSachet of 92 gBag of 1.5 kg
Daily ration46 g92 g200 g
Instructions for use3 spoons per day1 sachet per day4 porridges per day (50 g and 250 ml of water)
Quantity distributed/months4 pots30 sachets4 bags
Presentation aspectsPlastic containerIndividual packetRequires water and utensils to mix and serve
  1. RUSF Ready to Use Supplementary food, LNS-MQ Medium-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplement