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Table 1 Dietary energy and nutrients recommendations for CKD patients

From: Patients with chronic kidney disease are not well adhered to dietary recommendations: a cross-sectional study

NutrientsRecommended intake
Energy [Kcal (KJ)/Kg of body weight]a, b146 (35) – For age below 60
126–146 (30–35) – For age above 60
Total Protein [g/Kg of body weight]0.61/0.8c –Predialysis
Animal protein [% of total protein intake]≥50
Fat[% of energy]a25–35
Carbohydrate [% of energy]a45–60
Fiber [g]a20–30
Sodium [mg]12400
Potassium [mg]a, c4700
Phosphorus [mg]800–1000- For Predialysis patientsa
1000–1400- For Dialysis patientsb
Iron [mg]c8 - For men
18– For women 19–50
8 – For women > 50
Vitamin A [μg]c900- for Men
700- For women
Vitamin D [μg]a, c5- For age 19–50 years
10-for age 51–70 years
15- For age above 70 years
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