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Table 1 Characteristics of pregnant Minangkabau women in late pregnancy (n = 88)

From: Sunlight exposed body surface area is associated with serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25(OH)D) level in pregnant Minangkabau women, Indonesia

Age (year)  30.65:03174130.5
Gestational age (week)  32.63.7284032
Number of pregnancy  2.61.1153
Upper arm circumference (cm)  27.63.9203827
Skinfold thickness (cm)  15.27.233512
Serum 25(OH)D level (ng/mL)
 Deficiency (< 20 ng/mL)4045.5     
 Insufficiency (20–31 ng/mL)3236.4     
 Sufficiency (32–100 ng/mL)1618.2     
Vitamin D intake (μg/1000 kcal/day)
Sunlight exposed BSA (%)
Duration of sunlight exposure (minute/day)  110.8156.70:0099060
 < 302629.5     
 > 60–1202528.4     
 > 1201921.6     
Skin pigmentation type (Fitzpatrick’s scale)
Sunscreen use