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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of children aged 3–6 years according to preschool consumption of fruit juice

From: A longitudinal study of fruit juice consumption during preschool years and subsequent diet quality and BMI

 Categories of 100% fruit juice intake per day 
< 0.5 cup0.5- < 1 cup≥1 cup
Characteristicsn = 35n = 35n = 30 
Age (years)5.20.495.30.594.70.840.0038
BMI (kg/m2)16.31.416.00.9216.51.10.1350
Activity (Caltrac counts/hour)11.31.810.
Energy (kilocalories)1519210163931316232400.1196
% energy from protein13.61.813.71.813.22.00.5113
% energy from fat35.<.0001
% energy from carbohydrate52.
Calcium (mg/day)7402128252107482360.2123
Magnesium (mg/day)1804020443206420.0232
Potassium (mg/day)167636919834122150399<.0001
Vitamin C (mg/day)67.726.589.132.0125.949.0<.0001
Folic acid (mcg/day)177.847.0194.849.6237.664.4<.0001
Milk (cup-equivalents/day)1.500.611.530.621.420.670.7629
Added sugar (tsp-equivalents/day)
Sugar sweetened beverages, cups/day0.760.480.760.610.600.470.3695
Whole fruit (cup-equivalents/day)0.520.400.650.440.620.340.3688
Total Fruit juice (cup-equivalents/day)0.400.200.840.171.630.62<.0001
100% fruit juice (cup-equivalent/day)0.300.160.730.141.510.59<.0001
Healthy Eating Index 2015 Score48.
Number (column percent)
 Gender (% male)24(69%)23(66%)14(47%)0.0781
 Mother’s education (% college)7(20%)14(40%)15(50%)0.0116