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Table 2 Interview participants by country

From: End-user perceptions of a patient- and family-centred intervention to improve nutrition intake among oncology patients: a descriptive qualitative analysis

ParticipantInterview TypeAustraliaHong Kong
StaffIndividual6 individual interviews were conducted with senior oncology health care professionals including 4 dietitians, 1 clinical nurse coordinator and 1 oncologist.1 individual interview was conducted (senior medical director).
 Group12 oncology nurses participated in one of two group interviews (n = 7 and n = 5).2 group interviews conducted with a total of 10 participants (3 doctors, 2 dietitians, and 5 nurses).
Patients and familyIndividualA total of 13 patients were interviewed (5 inpatient and 8 outpatients). Four family members were interviewed.A total of seven patients and 11 family members were interviewed.
 GroupNo group interviews were conducted.No group interviews were conducted.
Total duration of interviews (mins)428339