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Table 2 Sub-themes and super-ordinated themes

From: Experiences of managing a gluten-free diet on multiple levels of society: a qualitative study

Super-ordinated themes Individual level Interpersonal level Community level Policy level
Sub-themes Knowledge about CD
Knowledge about a GF diet
Health concerns
Strategies to eat a GF diet in a family context
Difficult to eat a GF diet in social contexts
Perceived negative attitudes towards GF food by people without CD
The ‘GF trend’
Too little availability and variety of GF products in food stores, restaurants and bakeries
Insecurity and mistrust in GF products
Lack of knowledge about GF food in restaurants, bakeries and canteens
Worries about too expensive GF products
Economic burdens to eat GF food
Importance of governmental supplementation
Challenges related to GF food labelling