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Table 3 Mothers’ attitudes towards infant and young child feeding recommendations

From: Mothers’ knowledge and attitudes regarding child feeding recommendations, complementary feeding practices and determinants of adequate diet

Variable Frequency (%)
Feels confident in preparing food for child 185(92.5%)
Perceives that giving different types of food is beneficial to child 179(89.5%)
Has difficulty giving different types of food to child 103(51.5%)
Perceives that feeding child several times each day is beneficial 171(85.5%)
Has difficulty feeding child several times a day 96(48.0%)
Perceives that its beneficial to continue breastfeeding beyond 6 months 198(99.0%)
Has difficulty continuing to breastfeeding beyond 6 months 15(7.5%)
Mean (SD) attitude score 87.3(12.18%)
Attitude classification
 Positive (>  70%) 188(94.0%)
 Less Positive 12(6.0%)