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Table 2 Sample Coded Text for Barriers and Facilitators of and Improvement for Weight Management Program among Completers and Non-participants

From: The church bridge project focus group results: African American perspectives of weight management programs to improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors

Main Coded Themes Sample Coded Text
 Technology learning curve & burden Completer: “… Like if I ate cheese toast, I’d like to get something I guess close to cheese toast, but it wouldn’t just you know, that was the thing like that.”
Non-participant: “I don’t know how great it would be for me because it requires consistency. I might start off tracking it, keeping up with it, but once I get busy or I get off track for any reason, I’m done ...”
Competing priorities Completer: “It’s a lot of activity going on with the church and stuff … “
Non-participant: “My life is, I just have so much, you know ...”
Facilitators and Motivators
 Accountability Completer: “But the fact that you have to come back, and someone’s expecting you to do that. Even if you don’t lose the weight, they are expecting you to eat right.”
Non-participant: “For me, it would be great to learn healthier ways of doing things and to gain the support …”
 Group Support Completer: “It’s good to be as a group. One person doesn’t know everything, but [in] a group session we can communicate.”
 Interventionist Support Completer: “That kind of motivated us because y’all coming down here and that’s a big help to see somebody caring.”
 Technology support Completer: “I did do the YouTube each time missed … “
Non-participant: “It can coach you through it.”
 Convenience Non-participant: “When it will be offered, how often it will be offered, what would be the requirements?”
 Limited Cost Non-participant: “I know you’re gonna have to pay for everything. You’re gonna have to put something in. You have to pay to get healthy, it’s expensive … but at the same time it’s even more expensive if you add up all the doctor’s bills and all the medicines you have to buy.””
Health Benefits Non-participant: “Healthier, you know, healthier. You know just feels good if you can come off your high blood pressure medicines, it just feels real good …”
Improvement Suggestion(s)
 Easier diet and activity tracking Completer: “The tracker app was, cause I mean it’s hard to track anyway, but it’s even harder when you have to pick and choose or flip and flop...”
 Care with Age Labels Completer: “So maybe the age limit needs to be a little more because you don’t get a lot of participation from younger people. Our group was older people -- we’re not old, it was more like 40-somethings, not 20-somethings.”