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Table 2 Explored sustainable nutrition components from among food choice determinants in the study participant (n = 33)

From: Exploring adults’ motives for food choice of sustainable diet components: a qualitative study in Tehran Metropolis

Sustainable nutrition domains Explored sustainable nutrition components
Health and Nutrition Food diversity, diet quality
Exercise, physical activity and/or sedentary lifestyle
Food safety and sanitation
Malnutrition (overweight and obesity)
Burden of non-communicable diseases, chronic disease, diet-related diseases
Consumption of calories, macronutrients, processed foods, fat, sugar, and junk foods
Food and Agriculture Security Seasonal foods, traditional and local foods
Environment and Ecosystems Use of pesticides, herbicide, fertilizers
Markets, food trade and production chains Proper infrastructure and access to markets, distance to market, transportation costs to market, storage
Food availability and cost-effectiveness, food price, food environment
Food marketing, advertisement, food packaging
social, cultural, and policy factors Nutrition awareness
Consumers’ compliance, taste, convenience, preferences
Nutrition knowledge, cookery skills and training, food preparation,