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Table 4 HFIAS items of lactating mothers (n = 346) visiting public health facilities in Aksum, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, June 2015

From: Dietary diversity and related factors among lactating women visiting public health facilities in Aksum town, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

HFIAS 9 items Number (percent)
Worried about running out of food 41 (11.8)
Lack of preferred food 42 (12.1)
The respondent or another adult had limited access to a variety of foods due to a lack of resources 38 (11.0)
Forced to eat un preferred food due to lack of resources 25 (7.2)
Eating smaller portions 32 (9.2)
Skipping meals 21 (6.1)
The household ran out of food 19 (5.5)
Going to sleep hungry 11 (3.2)
Going 24 h without food 4 (1.2)
Food security statusa Food secure 252 (72.8)
Food insecure 94 (27.2)
  1. aThe HFIAS item frequencies sum up to more than 94 due to multiple response