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Table 1 Analysis of renally eliminated magnesium (Ae 0-24h) in mmol

From: Higher bioavailability of magnesium citrate as compared to magnesium oxide shown by evaluation of urinary excretion and serum levels after single-dose administration in a randomized cross-over study

Time point Study product Mean (SD) ANOVA
    Adj. mean difference 95% CI p-value
Stop-of-saturation Biolectraa 6.9 (1.23) 0.145 (−0.276, 0.565) 0.4784
Verlaa 7.0 (1.67)
Profile day Biolectra 6.7 (1.43) 0.565 (0.212, 0.918) 0.0034*
Verla 7.2 (1.48)
  1. Adjusted mean difference, 95% CI and p-value are based on an ANOVA model with study product, sequence, period and subject within sequence as considered effects. Statistical significance at a level of 5% is given if the 95% confidence interval of the adjusted mean difference does not include 0, respectively if the p-value is <0.05. Statistical significance is denoted by an asterisk (*)
  2. CI confidence interval, SD standard deviation; Biolectra Biolectra® Magnesium 300 mg Kapseln; Verla Magnesium Verla® purKaps
  3. aHere, the name of the study product taken on the following profile day is provided. No study product was given on stop-of-saturation days