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  1. Pork provides key nutrients such as protein, thiamin and selenium, however fresh pork is not commonly included in the diets of Australian children, with processed pork preferred. Current dietary guidelines emp...

    Authors: Elizabeth P. Neale, Deborah J. Nolan-Clark and Karen E. Charlton
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:14
  2. Malnutrition, polypharmacy and poor oral health are major concerns among older people living at home, and they contribute to disability and care dependency. This article describes the study protocol of the Nut...

    Authors: Miia Tiihonen, Kirsi Autonen-Honkonen, Riitta Ahonen, Kaija Komulainen, Liisa Suominen, Sirpa Hartikainen and Irma Nykänen
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:13
  3. Women in the reproductive age group are most vulnerable to malnutrition. Maternal and child undernutrition is the underlying cause of 3.5 million deaths each year and 11 % of the total global disease burden. A...

    Authors: Saba Abraham, Gebremeskel Miruts and Ashenafi Shumye
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:12
  4. From 2005 to 2010, the percentage of children dangerously thin (also called wasted) crossed the International Phase Classification Emergency Threshold, increasing from 8.4 to 10.9 %. As a result, Cambodia is n...

    Authors: Sophonneary Prak, Miriam Iuell Dahl, Joel Conkle, Sam Oeurn Un and Arnaud Laillou
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:10
  5. Dietary self-care is a key element of self-management in type 2 diabetes. It is also the most difficult aspect of diabetes self-management. Adhering to long-term dietary goals and resisting immediate food desi...

    Authors: Victoria Whitelock, Arie Nouwen, Katrijn Houben, Olga van den Akker, Iraida Neira Miller, Parth Narendan, Miranda Rosenthal and Suzanne Higgs
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:11
  6. Rigorous and transparent systematic reviews are recognized internationally as a credible source for evidence of effectiveness. However, in the field of nutrition, despite attempts at developing consensus on ac...

    Authors: Rehana A Salam, Vivian Welch and Zulfiqar A Bhutta
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:9
  7. Medical nutrition therapy is the cornerstone of managing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Meals that are modified to suit diabetes should be culturally acceptable, retain palatability and conform to the energy requir...

    Authors: Arjuna Medagama and Heshan Widanapathirana
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:8
  8. Observational studies suggest vitamin D deficiency may contribute to the risk of acute infections. We undertook a randomised controlled trial (RCT) of cholecalciferol supplementation as an intervention against...

    Authors: Steve Simpson Jr, Ingrid van der Mei, Niall Stewart, Leigh Blizzard, Prudence Tettey and Bruce Taylor
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:7
  9. Hypertension is associated with increased risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, premature mortality, and disability. This rising prevalence of hypertension has been linked to insufficient dietary magn...

    Authors: Gerardo G Huitrón-Bravo, Edgar Denova-Gutiérrez, José de Jesús Garduño-García, Juan O Talavera, Benjamín Herreros and Jorge Salmerón
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:6
  10. Malnutrition and human immunodeficiency virus/acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) are highly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa, and they are linked in a vicious cycle. Intestinal parasite co-infection ...

    Authors: Dereje Gedle, Baye Gelaw, Dagnachew Muluye and Molla Mesele
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:5
  11. Population-based studies have shown an association between health, food composition, and diets; therefore, data on the composition of traditional foods for meal planning, nutritional assessment, and clinical n...

    Authors: Ayesha S Al Dhaheri, Asila K Al Ma’awali, Louis C Laleye, Sidiga A Washi, Amjad H Jarrar, Fatima T Al Meqbaali, Maysm N Mohamad and Emad M Masuadi
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:4
  12. The regular intake of probiotics is alleged to help prevent or shorten the duration of common colds and gastrointestinal diseases. Previous clinical trials have shown protective effects in young children, whil...

    Authors: Carsten Schröder, Stefanie Schmidt, Edeltraut Garbe, Joachim Röhmel and Klaus Giersiepen
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:3
  13. The concept of food insecurity encompasses three dimensions. One of these dimensions, the access component of household food insecurity is measured through the use of the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale...

    Authors: Seifu Hagos Gebreyesus, Torleif Lunde, Damen H Mariam, Tasew Woldehanna and Bernt Lindtjørn
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:2
  14. This editorial accompanies the launch of BMC Nutrition, a new open access, peer-reviewed journal within the BMC series portfolio that considers articles on all aspects of nutritional sciences. BMC Nutrition will ...

    Authors: Catia Cornacchia, Maria Lorella Gianni’, Truls Raastad, Denis Roy, Ursula Schwab and Joseph Sharkey
    Citation: BMC Nutrition 2015 1:1

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